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Starting in the late s and running through today, Richard A.

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Knaak, has written for a variety of fantasy worlds from his own settings to Dragonlance , Warcraft , Age of Conan , and more. He is best known for those first two Dragonlance books — Huma and Kaz — as they fleshed out key histories for the world of Krynn. Despite his good work not to mention that by Weis and Hickman and Niles and more , Wizards of the Coast ceased publishing new Dragonlance prose novels in leaving an abyss that needs to be filled.

Enter Richard A. In this interview, Richard A.

Rex Draconis is a brand new novelized setting from Richard. What made those two systems right for the world of Tiberos? Micah Watt MW : In truth, they are the most popular systems at the moment with broad appeal. EGG : The book introduces races that, either, do not exist in 5e and Pathfinder , or are not quite the same version such as the minotaur.

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What races do you think are going to wow the gaming table? Richard A. I think the Fafni and Afafni — the dueling races of dragon folk not to be confused with actual dragons, by the way — and their machinations will also intrigue gamers. In addition, we have the savagem, canine wheyr and the mischievous but prickly kwillum to add depth.

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Will each of the characters from the novella be recreated as an NPC? Can you share any surprising classes or features for them? We already have encounters for fan-favorite gnome-raised-dwarf, Esc Irontoe, written up, among others. Not all of the NPCs will appear in the first adventure, but any chance that we have to logically fit in established NPCs, we will.

Other than that, the characters in Rex Draconis tend to lend themselves to adaptation to preexisting classes pretty well. IT Project Manager by day, owner of P. Publishing by night, known mostly for many bestselling and successful titles on the DMs Guild, including the highly rated horror adventure - The Haunt , the page hardcover tome Adventure Anthology , and a co-creator for the best-selling Monsters of the Guild.

Rex Draconis

Having run successful Kickstarters previously, Micah comes on board as our Pathfinder and Kickstarter expert. Richard A. The creative genius behind Rex Draconis. Richard builds the world of Tiberos in his brand new novel series; Rex Draconis. You can follow us on Facebook , and see some press at Nerdarchy here and here. Podcast interview with Tabletop Babble here. Podcast interview with the Dragonlance Canticle here.

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    You are credited as a backer in the final books, and our have our genuine thanks. Sep 21, - Oct 21, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Knaak's: Rex Draconis fantasy setting. Phil Beckwith. Last updated August 15, Share this project. Map of Avondale city.

    Rex Draconis (Audiobook) by Richard A Knaak | bumnuracuna.cf

    Map of Tiberos. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. What starts with Rath retreating from a lost battle with the Wheyrs and teaming up with Erik turns out to be part of a larger struggle. All sides are just pawns in a Jedi-Sith-like proxy war between dragon-like beings known as the Fafne and Afafne.

    The writing also feels like classic s fantasy, which falls somewhere between omniscient and limited point of view. The style is economical but visually vibrant. It makes for a brisk, perhaps sometimes too brisk, pace. The premise, plot, and worldbuilding make for a fun ride, and the writing style evoked a sense of nostalgia for the days when I was a teenager, waiting in line outside of Waldenbooks for the next Dragonlance novel to come out.

    Kang J. As an adult, he combines his geek roots with his professional experiences as a Chinese Medicine doctor, martial arts instructor, and technical writer to pen epic fantasy stories. You can follow him on Twitter JCKang Name required. Mail will not be published required. Leave this field empty.

    Draconis Rex Draconis Rex
    Draconis Rex Draconis Rex
    Draconis Rex Draconis Rex
    Draconis Rex Draconis Rex
    Draconis Rex Draconis Rex

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