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Ancient Greece, then, provided in Western philosophy the foundation for the notion that those who face their opponents directly in combat are brave and honourable.

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From such a foundation, it is possible to trace this view of warfare through the medieval European code of conduct of chivalry right up to contemporary militaries. During basic training in the U. In addition, other traditional definitions of valour which grew up organically and separately from Western interpretations also praise those who had risked their lives in melee fighting. Crucially then, placing oneself in danger is a central principle of heroic combat.

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It follows, then, that a soldier must be capable of being a victim themselves for their actions to be honourable and heroic. We should never close our eyes to that fact. Making war by killing without being killed is a chimera; making war by being killed without killing is inept. So, one must know how to kill, while being ready to die oneself. The heroic soldier, in this view, has to be both executioner and victim. This duality is a vital aspect of jus in bello, justice in war, the reciprocal right of combatants to kill each other.

If the fundamental principle of the morality of warfare is a right to exercise violence, within the conditions of mutual imposition of risk, then the emergence of new types of warfare, such as the application of deadly force by drone pilots, profoundly challenges our view of the warrior as a courageous risk-taker.

Drone Warfare - The Future of UAVs in Battle

Killing safely from a distance has repeatedly raised debates in different societies about martial honour. History is littered with chroniclers complaining about the absence of heroism associated with the use of weapons allowing users to kill from afar. The prohibition was disregarded, but it illustrates the notion that killing from afar deviated from the ideal of heroic warfare. This contempt toward users of ranged weapons among the knightly warrior class is also evident through their brutal behaviour toward prisoners. Although most societies have generally abstained from urging their soldiers to sacrifice themselves for a higher cause — be it God , the State or a cult of personality — the premise of warfare based on heroic self-sacrifice is still deeply admired within military circles.

Instances where soldiers have willingly sacrificed themselves to protect their comrades are considered to be especially selfless and conspicuous acts of valour. Indeed, of the six Medals of Honour — the highest military decoration presented by the U. The post-heroic Historical attitudes that are rooted in the virtues of heroism in war, though, clash with the political and technological shifts of modern warfare. It raises an important question: at a time when conflict is becoming increasingly remote through the use of drones, are we witnessing the decline of the heroic warrior?

Luttwak, like Chamayou, posits that post-Cold War western societies have developed a deep-rooted aversion to casualties, and have resultantly heavily invested in costly defence equipment that they cannot utilise except for in a low-risk environment.

Unmanned combat aerial vehicle - Wikipedia

Drones fall neatly into this category. None of the U. Moreover, only one U. Despite alleged and confirmed examples of drones being shot down, in Afghanistan , Israel , Yemen and, most recently, a U. Navy RQ-4A Global Hawk in the Strait of Hormuz , drone pilots are extraordinarily unlikely to be in danger while conducting operations. A typical U. Of the U. The others are split between air bases such as at Creech Air Force base , Nevada, where pilots fly the drones via Ku-band satellite and intelligence and decision-making facilities across the U.

The great range of some drone aircraft used in recent operations has meant that even the aircrews responsible for arming and maintaining them may be deployed on bases far removed from the conflict zone.

Drone-warfare and notions of heroism and masculinity in conflict examined

The Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk , for instance, has a range of 22, kilometres and a flight endurance of 30 hours. A clandestine attack by fifteen Taliban fighters on Camp Bastion in September , for instance, resulted in the death of a U. Marine Corps aircraft mechanic and a Harrier squadron commander by small arms fire and the wounding of 17 other personnel.

Aerial operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have also resulted in a number of fatal instances where coalition rotary-wing aircraft have been shot down by hostile fire. Air Force A ground-attack aircraft were shot down by Iraqi forces in the early stages of invasion. By and large, though, drone operatives and their support teams are insulated from direct combat threat, especially against non-state actors. The threat of the post-heroic has raised challenges and inflamed opinion within the armed forces of several states utilising drones as they grapple with the issues of remote-control killing and how it might potentially diminish the professional virtue of the warrior as a heroic risk-taker.

One U. Scepticism of the valour of drone pilots is also prevalent among some senior members of defence communities. Since its introduction in , at least 17 United States Marines and two U. Air Force personnel have been awarded this. In the U. While the introduction of this award reflects the changing nature of warfare and the contributions that personnel working from outside operational areas may make, it is worth highlighting that drone operators were eligible to receive the award alongside more conventional personnel, such as ground crews based in RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus who arm RAF Tornado and Typhoon aircraft conducting air strikes over Iraq and Syria.

The ultimate objective of combat is to kill the enemy. Across different histories and societies, it has been a relatively fixed principle that this was accomplished by men. Institutional regulations and culture have prohibited women from assuming roles where they would directly kill the enemy, such as infantry and armoured units. Camil explained that being considered as a woman by fellow trainees was an extremely negative label, and the anthesis of what it meant to be a Unites States Marine.

The operation of drones, however, presents a challenge to this orthodoxy. Drones do not rely on gender roles that are traditionally present in other types of warfare.

source url Physical fitness, strength and stamina, hallmarks of military masculinity, are essential attributes for those who choose to attend specialised infantry training courses, such as the U. Conclusions Discussions of what comprises a heroic soldier are not a novel debate. But drones present difficult questions about the changing nature of warfare. Moreover, they present a distinct challenge to the masculine orthodoxy of soldiering, potentially altering established gendered notions of those who wage war.

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Lebanon’s crisis is unstoppable. Drone warfare is on the horizon

View map. Despite this diverse literature already available, very little has appeared on weaponized-drones in literary and cultural discourse. Within the broader context of the war on terror, contributors may wish to consider: How do drones complicate the conceptualization of human rights and war both in national and international discourses? How, and with what consequences, do UAVs bypass juridical procedures and normalize target-killing?

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What challenges do surveillance drones pose to the notions of privacy and biopolitical control? How do cultural artefacts view and resist the violence from above? We seek words abstracts for the papers of length exploring how various art forms reimagine weaponized drones in connection with the topics like war on terror, militarized surveillance, 'us vs.

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