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Laura’s Legacy ALS Benefit Concert | Lissie

For some gay men, it was Nyro's powerful femininity that most moved them. For her sometime manager David Geffen, who was then struggling with his own sexual identity, Nyro's draw was clearly erotic as well as creative. And it was Laura Nyro who molded my image and concept of what is feminine. For other gay men, such as songwriter Desmond Child who co-wrote Ricky Martin's "Livin' la Vida Loca," Cher's "We All Sleep Alone," and countless other hits , Nyro's music awakened the very idea of same-sex attractions even when she wasn't singing about men.

Laura’s Legacy concert returns to Rock Island

For lesbians too, Nyro's songs, redolent of female mystery and desire, triggered our own longings and encouraged us to confront our subterranean urges. Many took "Emmie" as a sort of lesbian anthem, even if that wasn't Nyro's intention she claimed it was about universal womanhood, pointing out that it was her mother's favorite song of hers.

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The Lauras Legacy combat boot is crafted with beautiful genuine leather, and an intricately embossed sole to remind you of your contribution to medical research. Red accents tribute the official color of ALS support and research, all together making this boot not only a fantastic wearable lace-up piece for your wardrobe, but also a symbol of joining our hands and feet together to support the cause.

Dimmi is a brand that started with a story. As with many stories, ours is about a major event that touched our family.

The Dimmi story began with ALS, a disease without a cure, that changed a family in the shoe business—and the story continues, transformed now with a purpose of doing good. Richard A.

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Lauras Legacy Lauras Legacy
Lauras Legacy Lauras Legacy
Lauras Legacy Lauras Legacy
Lauras Legacy Lauras Legacy
Lauras Legacy Lauras Legacy
Lauras Legacy Lauras Legacy
Lauras Legacy Lauras Legacy
Lauras Legacy Lauras Legacy

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