Leviticus (The Peoples Bible)

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The Origin of the Leviticus Directive

God established the sacrificial system so that His covenant people might enjoy His fellowship through worship; it also allowed for repentance and renewal:. When an Israelite worshiper laid his hand on the animal victim, he identified himself with the animal as his substitute. God then accepted the slaughter of the animal.

Introduction to the Book of Leviticus

Many years after Moses wrote Leviticus, Jesus came to offer Himself as the ultimate sacrifice, holy and perfect, once for all, fulfilling the Law and rendering future animal sacrifices unnecessary and void Hebrews The overall message of Leviticus is sanctification. Now that Israel had been redeemed by God, they were to be purified into a people worthy of their God. In Leviticus we learn that God loves to be approached, but we must do so on His terms. This theme of holiness extends to the church. Like He did with the Israelites, God has redeemed and consecrated Christians.

Sermons and Speeches

Jesus offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice on our behalf, taking the punishment that we deserved so that we might be forgiven. If you are His child, then He wants you to reflect His character. He is sanctifying you much like He did the nation of Israel. What does it mean for believers to be a royal priesthood?

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A holy nation? For Christ to be our Great High Priest? Our Passover Lamb? Harrison illuminates these ideas within their Old Testament context, thus providing the needed background for their New Testament development. Michael Morales explores the narrative context, literary structure, and theology of Leviticus.

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He shows how life with God in the house of God was the original goal of the creation of the cosmos and how it became the goal of redemption and the new creation. This academic work focuses on the concepts of atonement and sacrifice using texts from the Pentateuch.

Kiuchi looks at the differences between purification rites and those used for expiation. He discusses the Hebrew word hattat to discover if it is used mainly in instances of purification or atonement. A variety of interpretations are used to gain a fuller context of the source material. This book draws on a variety of disciplines to undertake a unique analysis of Leviticus 1—7. Modern rituals such as Monday Night Football, eating fast food, sending sons and daughters off to war, and even the rituals of modern academia are contrasted with the text of Leviticus.

In addition, responses to Leviticus among modern African Christians and in the early Church are used to draw out further understandings of how the language and practice of sacrifice still shapes the lives of people. Although Leviticus may seem a less-than-appealing text to the modern theology student, considering the topics include such unsavory subjects as ritual sacrifice, Grabbe stresses that Jewish and Christian commentators through the centuries have found it to be an important source of religious symbolism and theological reflection.

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By taking a closer look at the text, the author reveals many fascinating insights into society, history, religion, and theology. Tracing the relationship between the actual book of Leviticus and its rabbinic commentary, Jacob Neusner asks how the rabbis who stand behind the text make use of Leviticus and how, through their comments on it, they make intelligible and comprehensible statements of their own. In answering these two questions Neusner shows, through a prime example, exactly how Scripture enters Judaism and how rabbis of the formative age of Judaism chose and taught the lessons they deemed critical to the life of Israel—the Jewish people.

Jay Sklar walks you through the challenging details of the book of Leviticus.

Book of Leviticus Overview - Insight for Living Ministries

In this section of Scripture that often feels detached and foreign to the Christian life, Dr. Sklar will act as a helpful guide to help you tackle this book.

The Book of Leviticus "The Holy Bible" Chapters 1 -27 Audio Narration

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Leviticus (The Peoples Bible) Leviticus (The Peoples Bible)
Leviticus (The Peoples Bible) Leviticus (The Peoples Bible)
Leviticus (The Peoples Bible) Leviticus (The Peoples Bible)
Leviticus (The Peoples Bible) Leviticus (The Peoples Bible)
Leviticus (The Peoples Bible) Leviticus (The Peoples Bible)
Leviticus (The Peoples Bible) Leviticus (The Peoples Bible)

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