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The first attack, Goodman held, was staged Goodman called it a burlesque , so that the police would take the threats seriously.

A gun barrel was thrust through a window. This was probably done by Worrell. The attack made the police start patrols of the ground and a bell was installed to summon help in times of danger.

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Pissed Off and Buffed Up

George tested the bell, causing a lot of goodwill for George to evaporate. The second attack on the evening of 1 November , was the fatal one.

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After "testing" the bell, George was not told by the police that they were protecting election buildings - this meant that help only arrived as he was dying. Maggie Storrs rang the bell for the second attack, and refused to attend her husband's side as he lay dying, possibly to avoid hearing a confession of infidelity from her dying husband and thereby protecting her own reputation. Despite witnesses reporting seeing an intruder with a gun, Storrs was stabbed to death, with 15 stabs being noted on his body.

There were two trials: the first for George Harry's cousin, Cornelius Howard, who was acquitted and the second for another local man, Mark Wilde.

Mood swings? It might be more than PMS…

Wilde was brought to the attention of investigators after he had attacked a young courting couple. James Worrell committed suicide, by hanging himself, shortly after the burial of his employer.

Juror causes mystery mistrial in Christopher Gale's murder case

The two trials both resulted in acquittals and nobody was definitely proven to be the murderer. However, there are quite a few suspects.


A year after the murder, Mrs Storrs had Gorse Hall torn down. On the way, they stopped at the pub where James Worrell was drinking, and the theatre company performed scenes whilst in period dress. In April , a local historian stated that he thought the murderer was someone else, as the description given by the cook of the house did not fit either of the men who were sent for trial. Tina Tessina is a psychotherapist in Long Beach, California who specializes in marriage and family counseling.

Moodswings to Murder

She spoke with TIME. Tina Tessina: What postpartum depression means is that after the pain and tremendous exhaustion brought on by childbirth, and then through the fatigue of round-the-clock feedings, some women start to feel incredibly isolated, like no one understands what you're dealing with and that can't talk to anyone. Women sometimes also experience serious hormonal shifts, which can lead to radical mood swings. There is often a very serious disconnect between what women feel after they've given birth depressed, tired, in pain and what women are told they're supposed to feel as new mothers elated, joyful, selfless.

Do you think it's conceivable that postpartum depression drove Andrea Yates to kill her children?

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We just look for names to call things by. We do know that it's an incredibly desperate act to kill your own children. I hate to speculate here, but it's possible she didn't feel she could talk to anyone. Or there may have been people trying to help her, and she could have been rejecting the help. My daughter will always be dead.

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    Moodswings to Murder Moodswings to Murder
    Moodswings to Murder Moodswings to Murder
    Moodswings to Murder Moodswings to Murder
    Moodswings to Murder Moodswings to Murder
    Moodswings to Murder Moodswings to Murder
    Moodswings to Murder Moodswings to Murder
    Moodswings to Murder Moodswings to Murder
    Moodswings to Murder Moodswings to Murder

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