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Simple copper becomes an effective spintronic component thanks to molecular film Physicists have created a fabricate technique for spintronic devices. Sep 12, New toolkit for photonics: Quantum simulation by light radio Intensive research is being carried out on quantum simulators: they promise to precisely calculate the properties of complex quantum systems, when conventional and even supercomputers fail.

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Aug 02, Rare copper oxide exhibits unusual magnetic properties and spin-orbit interactions The scientists of Ural Federal University conducted a study in which they found that one of the copper oxides with a structure of a rare mineral spinel—CuAl2O4—is a material with unusual magnetic properties and structure Condensed Matter.

May 16, Superconduction—why does it have to be so cold? Feb 20, Superconductors: Resistance is futile Every standard cable, every wire, every electronic device has some electric resistance. Jan 28, Interdisciplinary interactions inspire new discovery Following an interdisciplinary approach, researchers in Japan have found new catalysts using unique Heusler alloys.

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Solid State Physics | Solid State Physics

Nov 08, General Physics. Sep 20, Russian and German physicists developed a mathematical model of trapped atoms and ions A team of physicists from RUDN, JINR Dubna , and the University of Hamburg Germany developed a mathematical model for describing physical processes in hybrid systems that consists of atoms and ions cooled down to temperatures Sep 13, The University of Luxembourg is a multilingual, international research University. Doctoral Candidate Ph. D student in the field of photovoltaics - Advanced D student in the field of photovoltaics The Biozentrum of the University of Basel is one of the leading life sciences institutes in the world.

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It consists of 32 groups and employees that research how molecules and cells create life, spanning the scale from atom to organism. Founded in , the Biozentrum has been MPG is an independent, non-profit research organization, whose goal is to promote top quality research at its institutes. The 86 research institutes of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft conduct basic research in Empa - the place where innovation startsEmpa is the research institute for materials science and technology of the ETH Domain and conducts cutting-edge research for the benefit of industry and the well-being of society.

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    Solid State Physics Solid State Physics
    Solid State Physics Solid State Physics
    Solid State Physics Solid State Physics
    Solid State Physics Solid State Physics
    Solid State Physics Solid State Physics

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