Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty)

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by Peter Kasler

In addition, a Police Officer may be assigned to a two-wheel motorcycle unit to enforce traffic laws, investigate traffic accidents, cite the violators of traffic laws, appear in the court, search for drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and maintain order in congested areas.

A Police Officer may also serve as a helicopter pilot or an observer in Air Support Division and provide assistance to ground units.

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The opportunities available to a Police Officer within the LAPD are so diverse, they are too numerous to mention on this web page. The class title of a Police Detective within the Police Department is assigned to specialized functions of criminal investigations. A Detective is often assigned to a specialized division and is responsible for responding to the scenes of crimes, conducting preliminary and follow-up investigations, preparing the required investigative reports, preparing a biopsy of the report, apprehending the suspect, preparing the case for a successful prosecution, and testifying in court.

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On occasion, a Detective travels to other parts of the country or overseas to extradite suspects wanted in connection with crimes committed in the City of Los Angeles. In this capacity, a Detective maintains liaison with international law enforcement agencies.

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Some of the specialized duties performed by a Detective include: conduct narcotics investigations, perform surveillance and establish and maintain contacts with informants; investigate gang related crimes; respond to and investigate scenes of crimes such as homicide, theft, robbery, auto theft, illegal sex related activities; and, crimes committed by juveniles. In addition, a Detective may perform court liaison functions; act as a Watch Commander; provide electronic equipment expertise to conduct surveillance and polygraph examinations; investigate applicants and businesses who have applied for Police Commission permits to conduct business; investigate child abuse cases; provide expert testimony in court; and, conduct investigations of crimes committed by gangs of foreign origin.

A Detective III is responsible for the above described duties in addition to serving as a leader in high profile cases of major robbery, fraud and homicide. The class title of Police Sergeant within the Police Department is assigned to geographic patrol divisions, specialized divisions and administrative units of these divisions. The class title of Sergeant is broken down into two ranks: Sergeant I and II, and the Sergeant II rank performs a higher and more complex level of duties. In this capacity, the Sergeant prepares daily car plan assignments; prepares and presents roll call training; inspects personnel and equipment for conformity to Department standards; supervises the desk, patrol officers on foot or in vehicles; reviews and approves various types of reports; prepares and investigates personnel complaints; responds to crime scenes at the request of police officers; handles radio calls and dispatches personnel; keeps the supervisors informed of issues of concern to them; trains and supervises probationary officers; and performs related functions.

Police Sergeants assigned to specialized divisions perform specific duties characteristic of these divisions. Unit, etc.

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In addition to performing some or all of the above described duties, a police Sergeant assigned to any one of these specialized divisions provides knowledge, expertise, and experience which are unique to day-to-day operations of these divisions as well as unusual situations which may occur in the course of the law enforcement operations. For example, a police Sergeant assigned to Air Support division may operate a helicopter, perform air surveillance, supervise and train other pilots, and act as a liaison with the Federal Aviation Administration for compliance with FAA rules.

A police Sergeant assigned to Mounted or K-9 Unit may be required to possess knowledge and training related to the use of a horse or a dog in law enforcement operations. The Police Lieutenant rank within the Police Department is assigned as Officer-in-Charge of various law enforcement and administrative functions and is broken down into two ranks: Lieutenant I and II. Lieutenants I are generally assigned as watch commanders or administrative lieutenants at the geographic Area level. The Lieutenant II may assist detective divisions commanding officers or act as Section Officers-in-Charge of various specialized entities throughout the Department.

The Lieutenant assigned to geographic patrol and detective divisions is responsible for supervising patrol sergeants, police officers and detectives who carry out day-to-day, routine crime suppression and investigative functions.

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The Police Captain is assigned within the Police Department to geographic Areas, detective divisions, and specialized divisions. Each Division is under the command of a Police Captain. Additionally, Commander rank personnel occupy positions as the Ombudsperson, Governmental Liaison, Employee Relations Administrator, and Department Commander; a staff level officer assigned to oversee night-time operations citywide. In addition, the Commander maintains contact with civic leaders and community groups within their geographic bureaus to promote the goals and missions of the Police Department to encourage neighborhood watch safety programs and to generate input from citizens to establish mutual trust between police officers and the community.

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  • The Deputy Chief can be promoted from the rank of Captain or Commander. Collection of personal information without consent. Part 5 — Use of Personal Information. Part 6 — Disclosure of Personal Information.

    Limitations on disclosure of personal information. Disclosure of personal information without consent. Transfer of personal information in the sale of an organization or its business assets.

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    Disclosure for research or statistical purposes. Disclosure for archival or historical purposes.

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    Part 7 — Access to and Correction of Personal Information. Right to request correction of personal information. Part 9 — Care of Personal Information. Part 10 — Role of Commissioner.

    Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty) Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty)
    Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty) Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty)
    Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty) Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty)
    Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty) Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty)
    Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty) Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty)
    Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty) Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty)
    Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty) Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty)
    Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty) Sworn to Protect: 2 (Call of Duty)

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