The Garden of Sparkling Delight

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American Royals, by Katharine McGee

Also, if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of one of our products, then please contact us immediately and we will promptly take the appropriate action. Because of the nature, seasonality, and regional availability of flowers it is sometimes necessary to make substitutions of equal or greater value. We will make every effort to maintain the "look and feel" of the arrangement by considering the overall shape, size, style, and color combinations. In single-variety arrangements, the variety will take precedence over color.

For instance, if an order is for yellow daisies, they will substitute another color of daisies, not another yellow flower. White roses and cream roses may be substituted for each other as well as peach roses and pink roses.

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For one-of-a-kind plants, such as orchids, we will make every attempt to match the plant type, but may substitute with another color. Containers for plants will be as close as possible. You may request a time frame in the special instruction box when ordering, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. We highly discourage special instructions requesting delivery to a doorstep, porch, yard or any location where the recipient cannot accept the arrangement themselves.

We cannot be held responsible for missing or faulty product due to this special request. Double flowered form of Bloodroot. Scalloped, bluish grey-green leaves emerge after the stunning pure white double flowers. H 15cm.

Troisteum himalayanum berries 1. Hellebous x hybridus 'White Spotted'. Fragaria 'Pink Panda'. Claytonia perfoliata. Helleborus foetidus. Stinking Hellebore. A rather unfortunate name for a fantastic early flowering perennial.

08 Thiago's Delight

Geranium nodosum. Very long flowering geranium that thrives in dry shade but grows well in full sun too. Digitalis 'Pams Choice'. Asarina procumbens. Creeping Snapdragon. A little gem that is native to the Pyrenees where it grows on rocky hillsides. I've found it grows well in full sun or partial shade. Exceptionally long flowering it is not only great groundcover but will also scramble through shrubs. Needs good drainage.

The Huntington's Rose Garden Tea Room

Aquilegia saximontana. Tiny and very early flowering. This little gem from Colorado is only 15cm tall but its blue and white flowers are very eye-catching. Perfect for troughs etc. Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Papageno'. Erodium manescavii.

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A robust and very long flowering plant, its beautifully marked flowers are produced all summer long. Phyteuma spicatum.

Spiked Rampion. A rare British native. Ammi majus. Epilobium angustifolium albidum. Pure white form of Rosebay Willowherb. Great for naturalistic planting but beware, it is just as invasive as its pink flowered cousin! Orlaya grandiflora. Taraxacum pseudoroseum. Yes, it really is a pink dandelion. We were the first to exhibit this plant at an RHS show and were awarded a Gold medal for our display. It's rather charming and a bit of fun! Bees love it.

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Trifolium ochroleucum. Campanula rotundifolia. Fritillaria meleagris. Snakeshead Fritilaria. Having settled in, we made our way over to one of the treasures of Edgbaston: Winterbourne House and Garden. The Edwardian property was built in the Arts and Crafts style for John Nettlefold, a pioneer of housing reform in Birmingham. His family devoted themselves to good deeds but were no mere do-gooders: they involved themselves not just in relieving the plight of poor people, but in reimagining and rebuilding their environment, with all the benefits of fresh air and open space.

Their house was designed and constructed most lovingly, and it has a tremendously warm, welcoming and humane atmosphere, quite different from the distant feel of more aristocratic abodes. Its sense of great care carries in to its botanical garden, a gloriously colourful and soulful place, which is grade II-listed. Its paths and lawns abound with delightful features, including its Japanese bridge and Nut Walk. The house and garden are perfect place to spend an autumnal afternoon. It also prides itself on its afternoon tea, which was a mini feast in itself.

Along with a selection of sandwiches were two rather charmingly dainty warm treats: a chicken and mushroom pie and a cheese and mushroom tart. The customary scone with jam and cream was accompanied by a small chocolate pudding and berry dessert; although classed as tea, it all made for a hearty lunch. Credit too for their fine gluten-free efforts.

It all kept us going until dinner, which was a most charming experience in a place some may overlook. Any preconceptions of identikit, mass-produced fare should be cast out of one's mind: this was food cooked with great care, diligence and skill, created and served by a team exuding friendliness and hospitality. My wife's pan-fried cod was a fine balance of delicateness and bite; my penne arrabiata was rich in texture and pleasingly sharp in flavour. It is an informal and relaxed place to eat, made all the more pleasant by the staff; and, after enjoying a plate of good local cheese and crackers, we were really quite sad to have to leave.

Having slept deeply on our plush bed, our appetites had recovered sufficiently to enjoy a fine breakfast.

Plants | tinnisburn-plants

I had the house speciality: poached eggs on sourdough with streaky bacon and a dash of hollandaise. It was a joyous wake-up for my palate: rich, smoky, mellow, tangy, crunchy. Along with the loose-leaf tea, granola and yoghurt, it made for as good a start to the day as one could dream of.

There was time after breakfast for some more exploration of Edgbaston Village - with its bars, spas and unique boutiques - before lunch at the Michelin-starred Simpsons. Set in one of Edgbaston's Regency properties, it is fresh and bright and far from the intimidating, haughty place a restaurant of its calibre might be. Proceedings began with an Ugo, a deceptively simple cocktail comprising sparkling wine, fresh mint and elderflower; it was a sweet yet snappy affair, bracing and perfectly balanced. My wife's Seedlip Grove cocktail proved that alcohol is not a prerequisite for a great drink, evoking a particularly invigorating gin and tonic.

Then it was time to eat; and to eat at Simpsons is a very special thing indeed.

The Garden of Sparkling Delight The Garden of Sparkling Delight
The Garden of Sparkling Delight The Garden of Sparkling Delight
The Garden of Sparkling Delight The Garden of Sparkling Delight
The Garden of Sparkling Delight The Garden of Sparkling Delight
The Garden of Sparkling Delight The Garden of Sparkling Delight
The Garden of Sparkling Delight The Garden of Sparkling Delight
The Garden of Sparkling Delight The Garden of Sparkling Delight
The Garden of Sparkling Delight The Garden of Sparkling Delight

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