The Queen of Mount Ezuma

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Important : This list is not perfect. There are many things with this that could be disputed. So, just remember, you don't need to follow what's written here to a tee.

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Note: Most of this list was created by Jack Skullington member of Dads and Kids from the old forum in this post , but he stopped updating it, so I decided to pick up where he left off. I'll make sure that this list is updated regularly. If you don't agree with a move or find another error, please reply to the post and I'll fix the problem.

Last Update: Finally specified whether monsters are typically attackers, deniers, or supporters. I tried to categorize everyone, but some of them were difficult, so there might be a few that're inaccurate. Announcement : Sorry I haven't been great with updating this lately, haven't had a whole lot of time.

I'll hopefully work on it this weekend. There are two additions I would like to see but maybe we should make this a community project, as it's a heap of work to do : a List the books in which the monsters are b Flag them as primarily attacker, denier or support or nothing, in the case of DAD unit and others. Having a rough idea where those monsters go would help me to create a shopping list. Frunobulax Good ideas!

I'll be sure to incorporate those! Marianne-van-Es That was posted in the Dragon City section of the forums in a bug report. Marianne-van-Es Why are you posting it here?

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MinisterNarwhal thanks so much. MinisterNarwhal This is awesome sauce!! Thank you so much! So, this is a silly question I'm sure but what exactly are you referring to when you say "Boss"? I never understood there potential effect behind Timerion's move caller equalizer but maybe that is because I don't know there reference to "Boss"? Boss refer to monsters on adventure map or spot dungeons with over million life point.

MinisterNarwhal This is an awesome list! Had to join the social point forum because of it Just wanted to thank you for such an amazing list and also let you know that in the Epics monsters, Pegasus is missing. I can't imagine how you can possibly keep track of so many monsters so I thought I'd try to help a bit by letting you know when I noticed a missing one.

I can't take credit for all of the work on this list, but I do like to keep updating it. Secondly, I haven't put all of the Epic monsters in the game on there, just ones that are good for team wars. If you think Pegasus is good enough to be put on there, I will. MinisterNarwhal Thank you for putting this helpful list together. I would suggest including Postiguraf in the Epic list.

MinisterNarwhal I guess there is one rune missing for Ragnael. Thanks for pointing out the mistake! MinisterNarwhal I cannot find epic Rosanahs best skills and or moves, any please?

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What is the logic with Strength instead? Those "older" players gave you a very standard answer. If you have a team with all speed runes so 9 in total and your opponent needs only one deny monster to be quicker and destroy your whole team with strength. Thanks for telling me, I'll put Shannara's Bodyguard on the list soon! MinisterNarwhal Glad to see someone is updating the list. It took a big a chunk of time to compile initially and I have gotten far too busy to maintain it. Please keep up the great work!

It's good to know that I'm getting approval from the original creator, though. MinisterNarwhal What are Rosanha best skill moves, best runes, and relics to use please? Bleu7 Do you think Rosanha is good enough to be put on there? She doesn't really have any exceptional abilities. MinisterNarwhal Under epic monsters for players who play for free, Dragonian beast and Rosanha are sweet in wars for epic monsters, just curious that i did not see them is all.

Thx sir. The lack of updates has been kind of unacceptable. I've just added the new monsters, and will try to do more updates, even though I've said this before and it hasn't always worked out. Also, Samael , I'll admit, my rune choices might not be the best Search the The Journal. Account info Name: Screen name: Email:. Manage Account Logout. Muddy conditions challenge competitors. Keith Isley is ready for a bull to roll his barrel at the Ute Mountain Roundup.

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    The Queen of Mount Ezuma The Queen of Mount Ezuma
    The Queen of Mount Ezuma The Queen of Mount Ezuma
    The Queen of Mount Ezuma The Queen of Mount Ezuma
    The Queen of Mount Ezuma The Queen of Mount Ezuma
    The Queen of Mount Ezuma The Queen of Mount Ezuma
    The Queen of Mount Ezuma The Queen of Mount Ezuma
    The Queen of Mount Ezuma The Queen of Mount Ezuma

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